The WCEA elects officers to two-year terms at its May meeting. Current officers are:

President: Jonas Knotts, Webster County High School (2019)
Vice President: Lindsay Morris, Glade Elementary School (2020)
Secretary: Sarah Morton, Webster County High School (2019)
Treasurers: Allen Boyce, Webster County High School (2020) and Tila Boyce, Webster Springs Elementary School (2020)
Executive Committee At-Large Member: Lisa Fleming, Glade Elementary School (2020)


Our organization would be nothing if not for our Association Representatives. Our ARs often serve as the first point-of-contact for members. Do not hesitate to contact our ARs with any questions or concerns.

Glade Elementary: Lisa Fleming, Sharon Ray, Lindsay Morris
Hacker Valley School: Jackie Chipps
Webster County High School: Greta Cox, Allen Boyce, Melissa Jones, Jonas Knotts
Webster Springs Elementary School: Tila Boyce

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