WCEA Meetings

The WCEA meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 in Webster Springs when business needs to be conducted. Our meeting times and locations can vary based on the needs of our members. Be sure to always check the site for updated meeting information.

November 2014 Agenda
December 2014 Agenda
January 2015 Agenda
February 2015 Agenda
March 2015 Agenda
April 2015 Agenda
May 2015 Annual Meeting Agenda
July 2015 Agenda
August 10 2015 Agenda
September 2015 Agenda
November 2015 Agenda
January 2016 Agenda
March, 2016 Annual Meeting Agenda
October, 2016 Agenda
March, 2017 Agenda
November, 2017 Agenda
March, 2018 Agenda
April, 2018 Annual Meeting Agenda
May, 2018 Agenda
September, 2018 Agenda
January, 2019 Agenda
March, 2019 Agenda

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