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WVEA Access Savings Program

Your WVEA membership card is also your Access Card – the key to discounts on hotels, golf courses, ski resorts, travel, restaurants, entertainment and recreation packages through the Internet-based ACCESS card program. This benefit is free and available only to WVEA members.

Restaurants, retailers, merchants, golf courses and other providers will feature their special offers directly to WVEA members in the “ACCESS-Member Benefits” section of the WVEA Website. It is WVEA’s goal that these exciting savings opportunities will help members stretch their budget, while allowing them to enjoy a wide variety of leisure and recreational activities.

Your new Membership/ACCESS card does not have an expiration date. As long as you are a member you can take advantage of the Access Saving Program. Simply click on the login button and enter your WVEA member ID number from your membership card to begin saving. Check the site frequently to avoid missing out on special offers. The WVEA “ACCESS-Member Benefits” section is powered by Access Development Corporation, a leading provider of Internet solutions for businesses and associations.

New Membership Cards were mailed to all continuing members in early-August. If you have misplaced your card call 1-800-642-8261, extension 131 for a replacement.

Have questions regarding your WVEA Membership/ACCESS card?

Below are answers to some commonly asked questions about the WVEA Membership/ACCESS card.

What is My Access card?

The WVEA Membership card is your ACcess Savings Card. You can present the card at participating businesses or online merchant sites to receive discounts on everything from haircuts to oil changes to greens fees, cruises, rental cars, hotels and more.

Where did the numbers on the card come from?

The number on the card is your WVEA member ID number and it also serves as your ACCESS number.

What is the ACCESS program?

It’s a free members-only benefit, available only online here at ACCESS allows you to search by zip code or city name for locations around the world. You’ll find savings on hotels, theme parks, golf courses, national chains, meals, haircuts, car care and more. Some discounts require a coupon that you print out from the site, or reservations. Otherwise, just present your card to receive your discount at participating businesses.

How do I register a username and password?

Follow the link. On the next page, input your member ID number from your card and choose a username and password.

Who do I contact for more information or if I have problems?

Call the customer service number on the back of your WVEA ACCESS card or e-mail us at

My community doesn’t have many participating businesses. What can I do?

Refer local businesses to the program! You can either call the customer service number on the back of your card or fill out the merchant referral form in the ACCESS section of the site. The ACCESS staff will contact the business and invite them to participate. WVEA members like you need to refer local businesses. Because of those referrals, more business can be added to the number of participating businesses in West Virginia.

NEA Member Benefits

In addition to the best representation, best advocacy, and best legal protection, WVEA will also provide you with the best benefits to help you and your family get the most out of life.An overriding issue that concerns most WVEA members is their economic well-being. Specifically, how to increase their financial security and be sure they’re receiving good value for their hard-earned dollars.

The WVEA/NEA has an answer – NEA Member Benefits.

NEA Member Benefits plays an important role in addressing the economic issues facing NEA’s membership. With its commitment to improving the lives of members and its substantial group buying power, NEA Member Benefits provides quality products and services that help with many of the financial needs of the Association’s members.

With NEA’s 3.4 million members nationwide, the Association can provide members with great savings and discounts, as well as improved services in such programs.

NEA Member Benefits includes programs such as mortgages, life insurance, long-term care insurance, home and auto insurance, discounts on cellular phone service, magazines, rental cars and much, much more – all available exclusively to Association members and their families. Many WVEA members indicate that with their savings from using Member Benefits programs, they actually save more than the cost of their Association due

WVEA Savings Mobile App

All the great deals available only to WVEA members are now on your phone.

The newly released My Deals Mobile app allows WVEA members to find, save and redeem offers on their phone. Most deals require the user to simply show their phone at the point of sale – no ID cards or coupons are required. Users can find deals according to their preference: using the GPS functionality on their device, keyword, favorites or categories. Members can also track their savings as well as store their favorites for offline access.

The app contains offers at restaurants, shopping, services, hotels and more. The WVEA’s benefit partner, Access Development, which sustains some of the largest discount programs in the nation, has negotiated substantial offers in all 50 states and more than 5,000 cities, including more than 18,000 restaurants, 14,000 hotels and 7,000 retail stores. The My Deals Mobile app features America’s largest “show your phone” mobile coupon network with over 100,000 offers.

My Deals Mobile can be downloaded via GooglePlay®, and is also available for Apple® devices through iTunes®. Because Access content is licensed only for members of client groups, the deals are not available for the general public. To download the app, simply follow these steps:

1. Search for “My Deals” in the iTunes® App Store or via GooglePlay®. Or, click on the following: iTunes or Android Market

2. Download the “My Deals” app.

3. Enter your registration code, which is 9829 plus your WVEA membership ID number. (This may show on screen as the mobile password. Enter 9829 followed by a – (dash) and then your WVEA member ID number.) 

Once you’ve registered the app, you’re good to go. You can start using it immediately and enjoy the experience of getting your deals on the go. Enjoy the savings! *

Currently available for Apple® products (including the iPhone®) and Android® phones.

Insurance Savings

WVEA is pleased Liberty Mutual Insurance is a participant in the member benefit program. Your WVEA membership now entitles you to a premium discount from Liberty Mutual’s Group Savings Plus. “WVEA is always looking for added value,” states WVEA Executive Director David Haney. “Prior to entering into a partnership with Liberty Mutual we received a number of price comparisons and, in nearly every instance, members could save money on their auto insurance by switching to Liberty Mutual. Some savings were quite dramatic.” With the Group Savings Plus, you’ll enjoy: an exclusive group discount of up to 10% off Liberty Mutual’s already competitive rates; rates guaranteed for 12 months, not six; convenient payment plans, including automatic checking account deduction, with no down payment or direct billing at home; and additional savings based on your age, driving experience and auto equipment (such as anti-lock brakes and airbags). Liberty Mutual has been helping people live safer, more secure lives since 1912. WVEA is proud to offer their products to our members.

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