Stop Carmichael from Ousting Ed Committee Chairman Kenny Mann

If you haven’t seen the news, Mitch Carmichael is considering replacing Ed Committee Chair Kenny Mann with Patricia Rucker. Mann has been a good supporter of public ed and teachers and it would be a shame to lose him as Ed Committee chair. Rucker’s views place her in the same ballpark as Robert Karnes. She homeschools her kids, is a proponent of vouchers and privatization, is in favor of loosening homeschool requirements to let homeschool kids be awarded the Promise Scholarship without meeting all the academic qualifications of public school kids, and more.

WVEA President Dale Lee met with Mitch yesterday and said it appears Mitch is going to back down on replacing Mann as Ed Committee Chair with Rucker. However, he said that there is a contingent within the republican senators that want to see Mann ousted as Ed chair because he voted initially for us on the 5% pay raise bill during last year’s strike. With that in mind, Dale said it’s still likely that Mitch could oust Mann. If that were to happen, then one of the people being considered to be Ed Committee Chair is Greg Boso. Remember that Greg Boso started the process to break the deal in committee that was supposed to end the strike by reducing the pay raise. He’s also championed and voted for charter schools, vouchers, privatization, and has voted for homeschool kids to be able to knock public school kids out of CTE programs within public schools. 

We need to flood Mitch’s phone and email with messages to keep Kenny Mann as Education Committee Chairman. If Mitch ousts him, it would cause serious damage to the progress we’ve been able to make over the past few years. He does have a full time secretary to take calls. 

Mitch Carmichael office: (304) 357-780

Mitch Carmichael email:

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