WCEA Elects New Officers

At its annual meeting on April 24th, the Webster County Education Association elected Lindsay Morris as its vice president, Allen and Tila Boyce as co-treasurers, and Lisa Fleming to an at-large position on the executive committee.

Morris teaches kindergarten at Glade Elementary and has been recognized as one of the top teachers in West Virginia. She has been instrumental in helping organize and guide the WCEA through the recent work stoppage and help organize its political activities.

Allen and Tila Boyce begin their third term as co-treasurers. Tila teaches 3rd grade at Webster Springs Elementary School and Allen teaches math at Webster County High School. The pair play a crucial behind-the-scenes role in managing the day-to-day activities of the WCEA. Tila also serves as Association Representative at Webster Springs Elementary and plays an indispensable role in serving and advocating for our members there.

Fleming teaches 4th grade at Glade Elementary. Throughout her time with the WCEA, Fleming has always been willing to take on communications and organizations duties both within her school and the county. During the recent work stoppage, she was crucial in keeping members in her building informed and active.

WCEA Annual Meeting: April 24th

The Webster County Education Association will hold its annual meeting Tuesday, April 24th at 5:30 at Webster County High School. The positions of vice president, treasurer, and at-large executive committee member will be elected for two-year terms. WCEA members can nominate someone an office by emailing their nomination to Jonas Knotts at: jmknotts@wceawv.org. Nominations will also be accepted from the floor. If anyone has any items to add to the agenda, please email them to Jonas as well. We will order pizza for the meeting also. This is an important meeting that will help set the direction of the WCEA for the next two years, so please make a point to attend.

Special BOE Meeting

The Webster County Board of Education has called a special meeting for Wednesday, November 2nd at 4:00. This meeting will be to review applications for the vacant BOE seat. It is anticipated that the BOE will take action to fill the seat at its next regular meeting on Monday, November 14th. This special meeting is at the central office in Webster Springs.

WCEA September Meeting

The September meeting of the Webster County Education Association is set for Tuesday, September 15th at 6:30. Ben Barkey from the WVEA will be on hand for a Q&A on employment rights and protections. You can find the tentative agenda for the meeting on our meetings page. The meeting location is still being determined. Its location will depend on how many people RSVP their attendance to their building representative.